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Arden Grange Light - With Fresh Chicken and Rice

Arden Grange Light - With Fresh Chicken and Rice

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Arden Grange Adult Light Dog with Chicken is a complete, super premium pet food for adult dogs that are overweight or prone to weight gain.

It is lower in calories and fat than our standard adult diets and the addition of L-carnitine may help to increase the conversion of fat to energy and maintain lean body mass.

Continuation of Product Description:
It is also lower in protein than standard dog foods, another key factor in losing weight.
This Arden Grange Adult Dog Light with Chicken is enriched with L-carnitine, known for its benefit in fat burning and metabolism boosting. It can help your dog achieve a slim, optimised body size. This complete kibble is fibre-rich and contains added prebiotics, which can help your dog to feel fuller for longer as well as ensuring food is digested correctly and smoothly through your dog’s system.

The protein found in this Arden Grange Adult Dog Light with Chicken is from premium chicken, so you know your dog is getting the absolute best. The recipe also contains a coating of chicken liver, which adds an irresistible flavour to the dish.
The entire Arden Grange range is hypoallergenic, being free from troublesome ingredients such as soya, wheat, beef and dairy. This means that even sensitive dogs can enjoy this dish without the fear of suffering unpleasant reactions or debilitating side effecdts.

Arden Grange Adult Dog Light with Chicken at a glance:

  • Recommended for:
    • Dogs over 1 year of age
  • Also suitable for:
    • Dogs with weight to lose
    • Dogs needing less fat or protein in their diet
    • Dogs with lower activity levels
    • Senior dogs over 7 years of age
  • For weight loss & maintenance – This food is formulated to contain fewer calories, making it ideal for helping your overweight or obese dog shift a few pounds. L-carnitine has been added to this recipe to help with switching fat into usable energy, as well as plenty of fibre in the form of linseed and beet pulp, which helps your dog feel fuller after a meal.
  • Immune system support – As with every range of Arden Grange products, this recipe is packed full of of vitamins E, C and A, all of which act as antioxidants, as well as organic beta-carotene and selenium. Combined with yucca extract and rosemary oil, this food is a goldmine of beneficial antioxidants, all naturally-sourced and great in helping neutralise free radicals, which can be a particular risk for larger animals.
  • For healthy joints – Arden Grange Adult Light uses chondroitin and glucosamine to support the cartilage found in joints. By including MSM in this recipe, an extremely pure type of sulphur found in the bark of pine trees, inflamed or painful joints can also experience relief. All of this makes the perfect support system for overweight dogs, whose joints and cartilage can suffer heavily under the additional weight burden.
  • Healthy digestion – This food contains nucleotides, a form of protein found in yeast. These can help boost the metabolism of your obese dog and help with the absorption of nutrients needed by the body. Your dog's intestines and gut environment are also supported by added prebiotics.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

2kg - 13 x 19 x 40cm
6kg - 12 x 32 x 58cm
12kg - 16 x 38 x 75cm

Composition: Rice (31%), maize (27%), chicken meat meal (14%), beet pulp, fresh chicken (5%), chicken digest, yeast, refined chicken oil, krill, whole dried egg, whole linseed, minerals, prebiotic FOS, prebiotic MOS, cranberries, yucca extract, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, nucleotides. Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 18%, Fat Content 7.5%, Crude Ash 7%, Crude Fibres 3.5%, Calcium 0.9%, Phosphorous 0.6%, Omega-3 0.42%, Omega-6 2.10%, L-carnitine (50mg/kg).
Feeding Guide (approx/day): Weight kg 1-3 / 3-5 / 5-10 / 10-15 / 15-20 / 20-25 / 25-30 / 30-35 / 35-40 / 40-45 / 45-50 / 50-55 / 55-60 / 60-65 / 65-70 / 70-75 / 75-80 Weight maintenance gms/day 38-87 / 87-125 / 125-200 / 200-255 / 255-304 / 304-348 / 348-385 / 385-425 / 425-456 / 456-478 / 478-505 / 505-530 / 530-546 / 546-570 / 570-580 / 580-598 / 598-610 Weight Reduction gms/day 35-87 / 87-115 / 115-185 / 185-235 / 235-280 / 280-320 / 320-355 / 355-390 / 390-420 / 420-444 / 444-465 / 465-495 / 495-510 / 510-530 / 530-540 / 540-555 / 555-570.

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