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Soil-Based Compost

Give your garden extra nourishment with compost & top soil from Garners Garden Centre. For stronger root growth and bigger healthier plants choose compost with John Innes added.

What is John Innes Compost?

John Innes Composts are a blend of carefully selected loam or topsoil, sphagnum moss peat, coarse sand or grit and fertilisers. The loam is screened and sterilised and then thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients in proportions designed to achieve the optimum air and water-holding capacity and nutrient content for different types and sizes of plants. The basic John Innes Composts are:-

John Innes Seed Cutting Compost - the traditional mix for sowing almost any type of seed, with sufficient nutrient for early development. May also be used for rooting soft cuttings.
John Innes Potting Compost No.1 - for pricking out or potting-up young seedlings or rooted cuttings. This composts has a carefully balanced nutrient content to suit most young plants.
John Innes Potting Compost No.2 - for general potting of most house plants and vegetable plants into medium size pots or boxes. Contains double the amount of nutrient in JI No 1 to suit established plants.
John Innes Potting Compost No.3 - a richer mixture for final re-potting of gross feeding vegetable plants and for mature foliage plants and shrubs in interior planters or outdoor containers.

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