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Rhubarb Champagne

Rhubarb Champagne

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Good delicious, sweet taste. Early

Rhubarb requires a rich soil, which includes plenty of well-rotted compost/manure if available. Harvest from April to June but do not pull any stems for the first season to allow the plant to become established. Eat only the stems - do NOT eat the leaves.

Qty: 1 Crown

Planting Depth: Plant on the surface

Planting Distance: 90cm/36 inches

Planting Time: Autumn or Spring

Soil/Position: Rhubarb like a rich soil which includes plenty of compost or manure if available.

Application: Plant so that the crown is just level with the surface of the soil. Plant firmly, treading the soil around the roots. Water-in freely if the soil is dry and continue to water until growth commences.

Expert Tip: Can be forced by covering with a large pot in January as this will encourage early growth. Remove pot when stems are in full growth.

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