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Arthur Bell - Pure Gold

Arthur Bell - Pure Gold

£9.99 each
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An excellent climbing Rose, Arthur Bell is capable of reaching up to 400cm high. Its well-formed golden yellow blooms combined with its strong fragrance and dense green foliage makes it a favourite in the garden.

Modern Climbing Roses are the quintessential English country garden plant and have been a common and much loved sight for the past two hundred years or so. They are adaptable, resilient, colourful and fragrant and are a must have in gardens if you are looking to add height. They bring together many characters of both the wild species and the modern cultivars to create a good all-rounder. Most groups, including Hybrid Teas, Floribunda and Grandifloras, have climbing sports, which make them even more wonderful.

  • Golden yellow flowers
  • Musky scented blooms
  • A Shrub type which repeat flowers throughout summer until the first frost
  • Reaches a height of 400cm
  • Supplied in a 4.5 Litre pot

Planting & Care Instructions:

All roses love an open, sunny position so plant in the area of your garden that receives the most sunlight. Any moist but well-draining garden soil is fine to plant roses in but the key to good establishment is soil preparation. Dig a deep hole for good drainage and add lots of organic matter to the surrounding soil to give the roots plenty of access to nutrients. It’s worth taking a bit of time when planting your rose to guarantee good establishment. Plant at pot level and sprinkle in some blood, fish & bone to ensure the roots can get maximum nutrient absorption from the second it's planted.

These roses will reach an eventual height or between 12ft and a width of 3-5ft. Pruning is essential to maintain a compact form, healthy growth and strong and prolific flowering. From February to March prune back all stem to 20cm and reduce any remaining side stems to 3 buds. At this time remove any and all dead, diseased and damaged stems. After pruning a mulch of well-rotted farm yard manure or garden compost during spring and autumn will give your roses all the feed they need for the following season.

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