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XL Yucca Branched Shrub

XL Yucca Branched Shrub

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Spectacular plant with a funky exotic look. Use as a bold feature in the garden or a design element for indoors. Makes the perfect gift for offices, hallways, conservatries and patios. Low maintenance, nearly no watering needed or any pruning. Ideal plant will survive any winter, is fully hardy up to -12C. The Yucca can be the perfect addition whether you are looking for an eye-catching garden feature or something to add colour to smaller areas such as patios and balconies. Keeping the plant indoors makes it fantastic for adding a refreshing look and an instant uplift to places such as you conservatory, office or hallway. This plant can be kept indoors or outdoors, an asset the whole year round no matter it's placing. An attractive plant with its tropical bluish-green leaves, stylish trunk and delightful white flowers. This plant is a slow growing, low maintenance plant, which requires only simple care.

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