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String of Pearls - Hanging Basket

String of Pearls - Hanging Basket

£12.99 each
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  • Ideal for growing in hanging baskets and containers - Trailing plant

  • Novel succulent mainly grown for its foliage - Pea like leaves

  • Provides a unique focal point of homes, offices and restaurants

  • Easy to grow succulent plant - Limited watering needed.

  • Comes in a plastic hanging basket as seen.


The String of Pearls is a novel succulent to grow, primarily for its foliage, which looks just as its name suggests. Round succulent leaves are attached along its long slender stems. String of pearls have a delicate appearance but are in fact strong growers, with its trailing stems reaching up to 2-3ft (60 - 90cm).

String of Pearls are an ideal choice when looking for an easy to grow indoor succulent, which is suited to hanging baskets or containers. When potted in a hanging basket its trailing strands of bead-like leaves become a unique focal point.

The String of Pearls is an easy to grow plant which needs limited water and bright light, it prefers to be kept on the dry side and is drought tolerant. This fascinating succulent can produce white daisy like flowers during the summer, which although not showy, do give off a slightly sweet cinnamon fragrance.


If you purchase this plant make sure NOT to water often as it will cause plant to rot.


Pot size: 11cm width


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