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Exotic Kentia indoor palm - Howea forsteriana- 95 -110cm

Exotic Kentia indoor palm - Howea forsteriana- 95 -110cm

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Create your own tropical oasis - suitable for anywhere in your home or office. Popular choice of palm to own - Grows well in pots. Easy to care for palm - requires little attention. Long lasting with clean tall stems and large leaves. Air purifying - removes toxins leaving you with clean fresh air. A BEAUTIFUL AND POPULAR PALM. The Howea Forsteriana is also known as the Kentia Palm. It is one of the most beautiful and popular indoor palms to own, and is well suited to growing in a container. The Kentia is an evergreen palm with long leaves, small star-shaped flowers and small oval fruits. Adding this palm to your home or work is a great way to create your very own tropical oasis. BRILLIANT EASY CARE GIFT. The kentia palm is a plant that is very happy to grow indoors because of its durability and slow growth - making it very easy to care for. It is hardy up to 5C and is suitable for anyone to grow. A brilliant gift for Christmas and Birthdays, this plant is sure to add a special touch to any room or garden. PRODUCT DETAILS. Pot diameter and Plant height (including pot) Medium - 17cm, 90-110 cm

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