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Butterfly Indoor Palm Tree - 140cm Areca Lutescens

Butterfly Indoor Palm Tree - 140cm Areca Lutescens

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A striking focus point.

The Butterfly Palm (Areca Lutescens) is one of the most popular plants to grown indoors because of its striking style and easy to grow nature. It is well suited to improving the look of a home or office, which makes a great focus point for large rooms, reception areas and conservatories.

A bold and desirable plant.

This indoor palm is very easy to care for and is great for a natural air freshener because of its purifying properties. The plant itself will absorb indoor pollutants, producing a cleaner air. This makes it a great plant for improving your health, because of fresher air. Its multiple cane like stems produce an attractive bold look with long leaves lining the stems. This makes it a bold and desirable plant to own. It also makes a great gift for new homes, Christmas or birthday presents. A plant that will add a simple exotic look to any room or garden whilst providing a burst of greenery.

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