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Ficus Ginseng - Banyan Fig Bonsai in Ceramic Planter

Ficus Ginseng - Banyan Fig Bonsai in Ceramic Planter

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Ideal starter Bonsai Tree Very hardy and forgiving Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. Stunning gift for Christmas - supplied in ceramic planter Available from December 2017 The Banyan Fig Bonsai is a lovely addition to Bonsai collections and an ideal first Bonsai plant. The Ginseng Ficus is a tiny tree with oval, dark green leaves against reddish bark. Its roots appear above the ground, in a similar look to the ginger root, with warping and wrapping bunches. As a very hardy and forgiving Bonsai this is ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Its small size and easy to shape nature makes this indoor Bonsai ideal for use on desks, tables and windowsills. This low maintenance, tropical Bonsai makes an excellent gift for all occasions and people. Only one plant is supplied. Available in a range of sizes with ceramic planters for a complete gift! Pot Diameter: 35cm Height (inc pot): 50cm approximately