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Mr Johnsons Supreme Guinea Pig Mix

Mr Johnsons Supreme Guinea Pig Mix

£5.55 each

Supreme Guinea Pig is a complementary feed mixture suitable for all guinea pigs to be fed in conjunction with forage and a supply of fresh water.

Supreme Guinea Pig contains only the finest quality additive-free ingredients, highly palatable to all guinea pigs.

The combination of steam flakes, pellets and biscuits provides the perfect balance of nutrients for health and vitality.

  • Complete Guinea Pig Mix
  • Finest quality ingredients
  • Additive free
  • With vitamin C
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Crunchy biscuits for healthy teeth


Concentrate pellets ( barley, wheatfeed, peas, limestone, Soya, molasses, dicalcium phosphate, extracted sunflower, vegetable fat, binder, vitamin & mineral supplement, vitamin c), flaked steamed peas, flaked barley, flaked maize, locust bean extrusions, flaked Soya beans, flaked beans, wheat extrusions*, dried carrot, grass, alfalfa, Verm-X blend, Soya oil.

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