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Walter Harrison's 50 pack Suet Balls

Walter Harrison's 50 pack Suet Balls

£14.99 each

High energy boost of nutritious suet flavoured with seed and mealworms. Packed with energy and essential oils, suet balls are 100% edible meaning no mess and no waste. Can be fed all year round but particularly benificial during the winter and spring months when natural food is scarce. These high qaulity suet balls will attract a variety of birds to your garden, they can be fed in a suet ball feeder, on the ground or on a bird feeding table. 

Ingredients: Beef suet 49.7%, wheat flour, peanut flower, three seed mix in equal measures 6.6%, red millet, black rapeseed and linseed, dried mealworms 0.4%. 

Pack size: 50 unetted suet balls