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Westland Bonsai Potting Compost Mix Enriched with Seramis - 4 litre

Westland Bonsai Potting Compost Mix Enriched with Seramis - 4 litre

£3.99 each
  • 4-litre resealable pouch
  • Enriched with Seramis for water management
  • Wood fibres help to maintain an open soil structure
  • Provides 6-8 weeks of essential nutrients before you need to feed


    The Westland Bonsai potting mix is formulated for the correct balance of drainage and water retention as well as aeration. This specially blended Bonsai soil encourages strong roots to support healthy Bonsai growth. Wood fibres combine with Seramis® to create an open soil structure with improved aeration, drainage and water management. This specialist Bonsai potting compost will supply your plant with all the nutrients it needs for the first 6-8 weeks. The resealable pouch is rigid, so it stands up on its own meaning it's simple to use, access and store.

    Seramis provides water management as it absorbs and slowly releases water and dissolved nutrients. It promotes an open, porous soil structure that supports your plant’s root zone. It helps to avoid soil compaction and supports strong root growth. It works to increase airflow and humidity to create a beneficial microclimate.

    The slimline, resealable pouch is designed to stand upright so it is easy to find on shelves or any cupboard or where space is tight.


    Each spring you’ll take your Bonsai tree out of its pot to inspect and trim the roots. This is also the time to see if the plant needs potting on and to refresh the Bonsai soil.

    Even if you’re re-planting in the same Bonsai pot, you’ll want to refresh the potting mix. Tease out the Bonsai tree to inspect the roots and trim if necessary. When you’re done, add fresh Westland Bonsai potting compost and repot.

    Garden tip:

    • When repotting, keep the Bonsai tree out of direct sun for around 3 weeks and water frequently to allow the roots to establish.

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