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2mm Thick Bamboo Root Rhizome Barrier 60cm Deep

2mm Thick Bamboo Root Rhizome Barrier 60cm Deep

£75.00 each


Control your bamboo plants from spreading or to stop it from turning into an invasive plant, use quality root barrier.

Why to restrict bamboo with root barrier

Preventing bamboo plants from spreading is very important because it is very difficult to get rid of bamboo plants once they spread. Herbicides struggle to work their way, through the bamboo rhizomes, so the only way is to dig every part that is in the ground, making sure not to leave any part. This might be difficult under patios, decking, turfed areas, walls or planted areas and normally a problem once spread to neighbour's gardens. We know about some of our customers that had to use contractors with heavy diggers to dig their whole garden - Including turfed and paved areas. We know it normally takes a few years for the plants to grow the rhizomes in the ground and that some varieties spread faster than others. Local conditions such as soil type and climate also has impact on the spreading.

How to restrict bamboo spreading - Root barrier for bamboo

Bamboo root barrier is a very effective way to prevent the growth and spread of the invasive bamboo species. The flat smooth surface of the barrier acts as a wall or root stop, which directs the rhizome and prevents uncontrolled growth. Since the rhizome cannot penetrate the barrier it will be directed to grow downward along the surface of the barrier. This action will prevent unwanted spread and growth whilst containing the bamboo. Bamboo makes an ideal garden plant and grows quickly to provide privacy and beauty. However, if left unchecked, it can grow throughout the garden and become a major issue. Using root barrier as a bamboo barrier has proven to be an effective material in preventing the unwanted spread of bamboo. Bamboo root barrier is ideal for keeping your bamboo plant in check without it running all over the garden. Our root barrier is made from HDPA,recycled plastic with high density making it incredibly tough but also very flexible. We recommend using this bamboo root barrier especially when planting Phyllostachys, Sasa, Pseudosasa or Hibanobambusa bamboo.

Installation of bamboo root barrier (How to install rhizome barrier)

Heavy duty tough root and rhizome barrier at 2mm thickness recommended. We offer a choice of different strength barriers -1mm and 2mm heavy duty barriers. We recomend using the heavy duty barrier as the bamboo rhizomes will create high pressure after a few years of growing. The heavy duty barrier is designed to withstand this pressure. We also offer a range of depths at 0.6m (about 2 feet) - normal depth for bamboo barrier and 1m for a combination of sandy soil and large bamboos.

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