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XL 3 in 1 Dracaena White Stripe

XL 3 in 1 Dracaena White Stripe

£74.99 each
In stock
Dark green leaves with vivid white stripes - Tropical Evergreen palm-like look 3 plants in 1 - adds height and texture - Plants are ordered in upon purchase. Ideal feature plant for homes and offices - Stand out, large foliage plant Requires limited and simple care - Tolerant to low light, low humidity and some neglect. Powerful Air purifier - Proven by NASA clean air study The Dracaena White Stripe has distinctive dark green leaves with white stripes. This is a compact growing variety. Supplied with three plants of a variety of sizes, in one pot, to create a modern home or office decorative plant. Overall pot size: 24 cm Overall plant height (inc pot): 140 cm approximately Three plant sizes: 90 cm, 60 cm, 30 cm Please note items are ordered in upon purchase - Products may take up to 14 days to arrive. Dracaenas are easy to look after plants, which are very forgiving to some neglect. They are commonly grown for their dramatic foliage, which is similar to some palms in shape. They are said to suit any interior style, and will thrive when kept in low light and low humidity areas, making them an ideal addition to offices, hallways, kitchens and more. Dracaenas are also a powerful air purifier, as shown in the NASA clean air study, a hidden additional benefit! These undemanding, carefree plants are ideal for busy lifestyles and for those unsure about keeping a larger plant. Add some tropical greenery to your home, garden or business.

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