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Flamingo Flower - Anthurium Scherzianum ‘Lindsey’

Flamingo Flower - Anthurium Scherzianum ‘Lindsey’

£17.99 each
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Bright Red Flowers with curly flower stalk Stunning christmas flower - Excellent gift for mum, sister or friends Easy to care for ornamental flower - Stunning heart foliage Long lasting flowers - Can be in flower year round Available from December 2017 Anthurium Scherzianum ‘Lindsey’ is commonly known as the Flamingo Flower/Lily and has longer, more slender leaves. The flower spike is curly and will match the spathes colouring. This variety is harder to find in the UK and is of a bright red colouring. ‘Lindsey’ is supplied with at least 3 flower stalks. Anthuriums are known for their brightly coloured flower spathes and their ornamental leaves, as one of the most popular tropical flowers, these varieties make a refreshing addition to any room. The heart shaped flowers seen are known as spathes, a waxy, modified leaf which stems from where tiny real flowers grow. These flowers are long lasting and given ideal conditions the Anthurium can be in flower year long. These exotic and striking plants are a simple yet decorative addition to windowsills, desks or tables and as general decoration. Pot Diameter: 14cm Height (inc pot): 45cm approximately Only one plant is supplied

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