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Cycas Palm - Japanese Sago Large

Cycas Palm - Japanese Sago Large

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Large Palm ideal for conservatories Awarded Garden Merit by RHS Ideal gift for all plant lovers - Gift pack options available. Slow growing, Easy care and Drought-tolerant. Symmetrical dark green leaves and tufty stem. The Cycas Palm is originally from Japan, however soon became popular as a houseplant. They are the perfect gift for any plant lover or gardener, as an easy to grow elegant Palm. Also known as a Sago Palm, they are a sculptural plant which is ideal for large rooms and conservatories. A striking symmetrical palm with shiny dark green leaves and a thick shaggy trunk. The trunk is very low to subterranean in young plants, but lengthens above ground with age. A slow growing but easy to care for plant that has been awarded the RHS’s award of Garden Merit. It grows best in sandy, well-drained soil, preferably with some organic matter. It needs good drainage or it will rot. It is fairly drought-tolerant and grows well in full sun or outdoor shade, but needs bright light when grown indoors. Approximate sizes; Pot 20cm, Height 80cm.

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