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Opal Plum Tree

Opal Plum Tree

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Opal Plum trees produce a medium sized reddish purple dessert plum of really good flavour and is an early alternative to the Victoria Plum. A very reliable self fertile plum tree that produces a neat round head. Will also flourish in bush tree form too and produce heavy crops of the renowned reddish purple skinned fruits. Can be eaten straight from the tree when ripe from early August as well as perfect for making jams and preserves. Opal Plum Trees are despatched in 3L pots. Raised on Soil Association certified and DEFRA inspected specialist nursery Heavy and reliable cropper Suitable for growing as a bush tree Pollination group C - self fertile Popular culinary variety - pick from early August Prune young trees in early spring and more established trees in mid-summer to avoid silverleaf Fruit is medium in size with a reddish purple skin and yellow flesh

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