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Superfish Pond Flow Eco 3000

Superfish Pond Flow Eco 3000

£61.99 each

An efficient and effective pump is just as important as any filter. There to ensure that contaminated water ends up in the filter, it is vital you get the correct pond pump for your pond.

You should consider the following when choosing the correct pump:
The pump capacity should be 50% of the pond volume for optimal cleaning
Capacity losses due to hose length, UVC lamp and head
For thorough cleaning we recommend using a pump without a pre-filter so that dirty particles get into the filter instead of the pre-filter
For optimum circulation, the pump and filter outlet should be placed as far apart as possible
If your pond needs a fountain use a separate pump timed to be on only during the day without disrupting the performance of the filter
An energy saving, multi purpose pond pump, the Superfish Pond Flow Eco is suitable for use as either a fountain or filter pump. Â Available in four sizes with different pump capacities, the Superfish Pond Flow Eco includes 2 different spray heads including a fountain nozzle and a muzzle nozzle easily adjustable in height to suit.

Adjustable in height and tilt (15), the Superfish Pond Flow Eco Pump us energy efficient and economical to run and includes a 10m power cable for convenience, as well as a 2 year Superfish warranty and TUV approval.

Technical Specifications:
Model: Pond Flow Eco 3000
Max Pump Capacity – 2900L/h
Max Height – 2.3m
Outlet – 20/25/32mm
Power – 45 Watt

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