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Pond Clear 6000

Pond Clear 6000

£99.99 each

As a general guide, the maximum pond capacity is quoted with no fish and no sun, see below for very general guide as to the capacity the filter can cope with it your pond is in full sun or heavily stocked. When in doubt always try to get the biggest filter your budget allows. Please note this is our general guide only, each pond is unique.

The Superfish range of pond filters offer a compact filter for biological, mechanical and UV filtration all in one unit.

The unit is divided into two filter chambers: first one contains filter brushes, second one contains filter foam and Bio-Balls, with an inbuilt UV clarifier fitted into the lid.

How It Works
Pond water is pumped through the ultra violet lamp (UVC) section which kills green algae particles and then passes through the brushes which extract larger particles of debris and into the biological chamber. The bio balls provide a mass surface area upon which beneficial bacteria thrive to convert and dissolve organic debris and fish waste into harmless matter. The large foam surface area provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria growth for mechanical and biological filtration, converting over a period of time unsightly green and cloudy water into clean water which is passed back into the pond via gravity.

Filter Specifications:

  • Please note as a gravity filter the outlet is designed to be hung over the edge of the pond or waterfall, if you need any length of pipe to be attached, you are best off considering a pressurised filter
  • Complete with media, brushes, UV lamp and hosetail
  • Cable length: 4 meters
  • Please note the filter is not fitted with a plug as this contravenes certain building regulations

Spare foams and UV Tubes available from our eBay shop

Pond Clear 6000
Pond Clear 12000
Max Pond Size (Shaded Pond Low Fish Stocks)
6000 litres
12000 litres
Pond Size (Full Sun Low Fish Stocks)
3000 litres
6000 litres
Pond Size (Full Sun Heavy Fish Stocks)
1500 litres
3000 litres
Max Flow Rate
5000 litres per hour
10000 litres per hour
Inlet Size
Outlet Size
UV Rating
Power Consumption
37cm L x 27cm W x 40cm H
55cm L x 38cm W x 43cm H