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Bermuda Triple LED Pond Spot Light

Bermuda Triple LED Pond Spot Light

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Create a stunning ray of light with this multi-position triple LED spotlight for under water or poolside use.

The Triple LED Pond Spotlight comes complete with the choice of a weighted pond base or ground stake for in or out of pond use.

This powerful LED light is ideal to illuminate dark or hidden areas in or out of water, or to create a focal point by illuminating a feature, statuette or waterfall.

Three energy efficient 3 watt LED bulbs and weatherproof transformer.

Complete with 3 metres of rubberised outdoor cable between mains and transformer and 6 metres of cable from the transformer to the light.

Triple LED Pond Spotlight Product Summary:

  • Powerful underwater LED spotlight
  • Picks out features in your pond and garden
  • Three long lasting LED lamps
  • Safe for use either in or out of water
  • Adjustable stand allows you to vary the angle
  • Complete with 9 metres of cable
  • Weather proof outside transformer
  • Ground Stake included

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