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Tetra Algofin - Treats Blanketweed

Tetra Algofin - Treats Blanketweed

£10.30 each

Tetra Pond AloFin effectively reduces blanket weed in garden ponds and is safe for all wildlife and fish. When the algae dies its sinks to the bottom of the pond which can build up and release nutrients causing a further algae problem it also drops the oxygen level therefore after the course of treatment its advisable to treat with Tetra Pond Sediment Minus to remove the sludge.

Treatment instructions goes as followed,

- Calculate the volume of the pond using the following, length x width x depth x 1000 gives you the answer in litres (measured in meters) for gallons x by 4.45.

- Add 1 x 50ml for every 1,000 litres or 220 gallons in to a bucket of pond water and stir.
- Distribute evenly around the surface of the pond.

- It is advisable to re treat every 4- 6 weeks at half the normal dose to keep on top of the blanket weed.

- Following treatment, remove as much clumped algae from the pond as possible to prevent it rotting down and releasing more nutrients into the water and turn off the UV clarifier up to one week after treatment for the best results.

It is advisable, as with any algae removing remedy, to aerate the water during treatment. Always read the instructions carefully before use, especially in soft water areas.

Tetra Pond AlgoRem 250ml treats up to a 5,000 litre or 1,100 gallon pond.

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