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Catit Senses Play Circuit Cat Toy

Catit Senses Play Circuit Cat Toy

£12.79 each

This easy to assemble click system cat track cat toy allows your kitty to chase a ball around your room without fear of losing it under the sofa or any other furniture, it stays in the circuit.

The clever peek-a-boo cover clicks over the track and allows just enough room for your cat to get their paw through the holes so they can swat the ball and push it further along the circuit. Watch as the ball zips around the closed track and see your cat’s face light up as they try and catch it! The circuit ball is bright orange, so it contrasts nicely against the green track and makes it easier for your cat to find it again, even when they’ve walked away and come back to play again.

This play circuit gives them some excitement as they try and catch the ball before it gets to the other side while looking through the green see-through cover. This kind of cat toy satisfies your cat’s natural hunting instincts and gives them a toy they can play with on their own when you are not around and stops them getting bored.


To keep your cat interested, you ideally need to change their track set-up often. The Catit Senses Circuits can be built and rebuilt into different shapes around the house. Surprise your cat with a new layout every few days to keep the experience fresh and exciting!