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Ancol Cat Collar Safety Buckle

Ancol Cat Collar Safety Buckle

£3.25 each
In stock
  • Ancol cat collars are beautifully crafted from quality materials in many striking colours.
  • All our collars have safety features built in.
  • All collars come with a warning bell to help protect wildlife. The RSPB estimate that UK domestic cats are responsible for over 275 million kills each year. 55 million of these are birds!
  • Did you realise that a cat wearing a collar with a bell will catch 41% fewer birds and 34% fewer mammals.
  • When fitting this collar, please ensure that you can get 2 fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort.
  • Warning – if using liquid flea treatments, please remove collar as chemical may react with material on buckle and collar.

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