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Gardman No Mess Seed Mix

Gardman No Mess Seed Mix

£3.49 each
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Gardman No Mess Seed Mix for Wild Birds is an excellent value and quality feed for use on the ground, bird tables and in seed feeders - No Mess, No Husks, No Grow! The ingredients in this tasty wild bird mix have been specially processed to prevent uneaten seeds growing in your garden.

  • Attracts a wide variety of garden birds.
  • No mess from discarded seed husks
  • Spilt & uneaten seed will not grow
  • For use on the ground, bird tables or in seed feeders
  • Created to appeal to a wide variety of birds
  • Attracts Great Tits, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Bramblings, Sparrows & other species
  • Recommended by Britains leading wild bird research organisation (British Trust for Ornithology)

When To Feed Wild Birds?

The RSPB and the BTO now recommend that wild birds are fed all year round. However, it is particularly important during autumn, winter and spring when naturally occuring foods are in very short supply.

Ensure feed is available first thing in the morning, this will help them replace energy lost through the night, and again at mid-afternoon to help them to build up some reserves as night falls.

Once you have started feeding the birds do not stop as they will come to rely on the food you put out.

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