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Keter Capri Garden Storage Box

Keter Capri Garden Storage Box

£69.99 each
In stock


  • Ideal for storing chair cushions and patio accessories.
  • Weather-resistance makes this an attractive yet low-maintenance storage solution.
  • Keeps stored items dry as well as ventilated.
  • Heavy-duty lid makes this a multipurpose seating and storage solution.
  • Easy assembly takes just 5 minutes without additional tools.

The Capri Garden Storage Box is a simple and stylish storage and seating option. It’s made out of a durable and weather-resistant resin that stores 302 L/80 G and supports up to 250 kg/551 lbs on its lid. It's easy to assemble with built-in handles and rollers to make moving it easy. It features an attractive rattan-style texture.

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