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The Sherwood 75

The Sherwood 75

£1,600.00 each
In stock

Price includes delivery and erection! Please call us for more information on; 01782 636 428

If you would like a custom size, please email or call us via 01782 636 428 or

The Sherwood has a pent sloping corrugated onduline roof. Traditional wooden nest boxes run along the rear of the house. The perches are raised with a sliding droppings board below them, this keeps the area leading to the nest boxes clean. The droppings board slides out of the house from both sides where there is a shutter to lift to remove the board, this makes cleaning very easy.

There is a ventilation slide on the front of the house, and an access door. The pop hole is also on the front of the house as standard but can be built on an end if it is preferred.

The Sherwood is supplied with wooden skids as standard but metal towing skids are an optional extra.

Sherwood 75 bird size - 10' x 8' x 6' high (3.0 x 2.4 x 1.8m high)
8 Nest boxes

Please note we now make the nest box roof with Stockboard, which is a durable recycled black plastic, instead of wood and felt. This is much better as felt can perish and it can harbour mites under the felt.

  • 50mm x 50mm smooth planed framing
  • Clad in 12mm Vth's redwood smooth planed tongue and groove boarding (size after sawing 16mm nominal size)
  • Floor - 75 x 50mm floor bearers
  • Floor - Clad in 22mm tongue and groove boarding
  • Optional metal Skids - 100 x 100mm box section with 50 x 50mm cross bars
  • Soaked in new formula creosote to deter red mite infestation

All our buildings are dipped in a tank of dark creocote to preserve them.

Creocote is an oil based product. This will protect the building for 18 months. We recommend that you coat the outside of your building every 18 - 24 months to keep it in good condition.