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Keter Fusion Shed 757

Keter Fusion Shed 757

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  • This truly unique shed combines the naturally beautiful appearance and texture of wood with the durability of weather-resistant resin.
  • Maintenance-free as it resists rust, rot, decay and other damage from the elements.
  • Heavy-duty floor and spacious build make it suitable for storing even large, heavy items, while drillable walls make it easy to install shelving or hang items.
  • Ceiling is high enough for an adult to move about easily inside.
  • Roof supports significant loads of snow.
  • Simple to assemble with precut tongue and groove panels.

From the steel-reinforced tile roof down to the heavy-duty floor, the Fusion 757 is built to be durable. It’s made out of a wood-plastic composite and has a sturdy double wall structure as well as ventilation on all sides and accessible double doors. The Fusion 757 is also built to be stylish, with the natural beauty and texture of a classic wooden shed.


w 229.0 cm 201.0 cm
d 223.5 cm 201.0 cm
h 252.0 cm 246.0 cm
CAPACITY:8,700.0 l


w 227.0 cm
h 37.0 cm
d 132.0 cm

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