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Robinsons Regatta 5'4" Width

Robinsons Regatta 5'4" Width

£1,580.00 each
In stock

The Robinsons Regatta has the same high quality components you would expect from Robinsons with boxed section glazing bars using twice as much Aluminium compared to most other greenhouses. UPVC Bar Capping is applied instead of wire glazing clips to secure the glass to the frame. The low-level doorway threshold allows for safe unimpeded access.

  • Sensible prices - always
  • 10 Years frame guarantee
  • Automatic Roof Vent(s) included
  • Large Pane Toughened Glass
  • Double doors with lock
  • Low-level door threshold
  • Rainwater Gutters and Downpipes

A: 1662mm

B: 1692mm
C: 2186mm
D: 1727mm
E: 600mm
Length: 3872mm
Auto Roof Vents: 2

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