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4 Fall Driftwood Waterfeature

4 Fall Driftwood Waterfeature

£199.99 each
In stock

This four fall driftwood water feature is a traditional way of adding a sense of calm to your garden. It also creates a stunning focal point to your garden, and with the built in LED lights it looks just as great at night as it does in the day! Hand finished and painted and made from durable resin-stone it is built to stand the test of time!

Caring for your water feature:

Fill the fountain with sufficient water to ensure the pump is well submersed. We advise that you clean and top up the water on a regular basis. Adding an algae stopper to the fountain will avoid the build-up of algae and keep the water clean and clear. This can be added to your shopping basket as an accessory. Always shut off the power before cleaning and maintaining the pump. Never allow the fountain pump to run dry. It is not recommended to leave the fountain running constantly. We suggest turning the fountain on/off when required.


  • 4 fall driftwood feature with 4 white single LED lights
  • Looks great at night
  • Fully self contained - no need for a permanent water supply
  • Hand finished and painted
  • Made from durable resin-stone
  • Child & pet safe
  • Easy to unpack and assemble needing no tools
  • Complete with pump & 10 metres of cable
  • Add a sense of calm and tranquility to your garden this year
  • Low voltage (cheap & safe to run)
  • Just one plug which powers both the pump and lights
  • The UK's number one choice for Aqua Creation water features

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