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Bean Bags

Take your extreme lounging wherever you need it most. Whether that’s up on the slopes or down to the beach, the Outdoor B-bag’s unique Tough and Waterproof fabric is double stitched for extra durability for high-octane comfort anywhere.

With our new outdoor furniture renting scheme, why not rent the mighty bean bags for a weekend barbecue or party, to have a great way of chilling with friends and family outdoors! They are £99.99 each to buy. Note the price decreases depending on how many bean bags you require! Please call us on 01782 636 428 or email us via for a quote and to arrange delivery. Delivery and collection of the beans bags is free of charge!

1 Bean bag rented: £25 for three nights

2 bean bags rented: £40 for three nights

5 bean bags rented: £100 for three nights

If you require more than five bean bags, please contact us on 01782 636 428 or for a personalised quote.

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