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Real CUT Nordmanniana Christmas Trees

Real CUT Nordmanniana Christmas Trees

£29.99 each
In stock

We stock a great selection of Class A Premium Nordman Christmas Trees for the festive season! For delivery purposes, be sure we will pick out a beautiful tree for you! Or if you would like to select your own, why not use our easy click and collect system via this website!

Christmas trees will be in stock towards the end of November!

The favourite Christmas tree in England. It has the shape, smell and tradition of Christmas past. Following our tree care instructions these trees will retain there needles.


Also known as the Nordmann Fir, this is the tree which is often seen at Christmas-time as a more expensive alternative to the Norway Spruce. It is becoming ever more popular as a Christmas tree because it has luxuriant foliage with attractive flattened leaves which don’t shrivel and drop in heated rooms. It makes a large, handsome tree, fast-growing after the first few years, and is often planted to replace the disease-prone Silver Fir.

Site and soil

The Caucasian Fir requires deep, moist soil in full sun, although it does best if given a little shade in its early years. It does well at high altitudes.

Height and spread

After 10 years: 8m x 3m
After 20 years: 15m x 4m

Leaf and bark

The leaves are 2-3.5cm long, needle-like but flattened. The upper surface is glossy green, blue-white below. The bark is grey and smooth, splitting into squarish plates as it ages.

Flower, seed and fruit

The small brownish flowers are produced in clusters in late April; the female flowers only appear near the top of the tree. The green cones, which are about 15cm in length, ripen to brown in autumn.