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Hose Pipe Water Timer This Hose Pipe Water timer is easy to use and has up to 2 hours run time This can be used to limit the...

£39.99 £32.99
Product details The Micro Kit provides the perfect solution for watering pots, containers and hanging baskets, saving you time effort and water....

Threaded 3/4 in BSP adaptor with male connector.

Annual Service Kit for 5L, 7L, 10L Standard, Plus and Viton Pressure Sprayers

High quality 13mm blanking plugs. Made from UV stable plastic . Used to seal holes in the supply pipe. Also called goof plugs....

This pack contains 2 elbow connectors, these are used to follow the contours of the garden/greenhouse and to avoid obstacles. Ideal to ensure that your...

Adjustable 0-40 lph end of line adjustable , mini sprinkler. Made from tough UV stable plastic. Use end of line (ie at the end of the...

The ideal solution for hanging baskets and small drip systems. The output can be straight from the dripper or via a micro lead and pot stake. The...

High quality 13mm end plug. Made from UV stable plastic . This is used to cap off or close the ends of the 13mm supply tube. In...

High quality 13mm flow control valve . Made from UV stable plastic . Shuts off or adjusts the flow in the 13mm supply tube.

The easiest way to grow plants in growbags, no pipes, no timers, no fuss It features a large capacity 15 litre reervoir that will keep plants...

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