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Asparagus Pacific Purple - Lignin Free (spears lacking stringiness)

Asparagus Pacific Purple - Lignin Free (spears lacking stringiness)

£2.49 each
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Size: 2 crowns.

A pretty purple variety that has a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

It is sweet and tender, excellent for salads and British-grown.

It will arrive with you as bare-root crowns, which look like dead, dry roots, and should be planted as soon as possible.

Plant between March and May.

It is best to leave it for two years so that it can grow into a strong plant before cutting any asparagus to eat.

The crowns can also be planted from autumn to spring.

They need a sunny, sheltered spot, with well-prepared soil that ideally has had lots of manure or compost added to it during the previous autumn. Good drainage is essential too.

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