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CastClear Lawn Worm Cast Suppressant

CastClear Lawn Worm Cast Suppressant

£9.99 each
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Nutrient based with soil penetrates and organic sulphur to help suppress worm casting in lawns & turf

CastClear - how it works

  • CastClear does not kill the worms - it merely forms a barrier that irritates the worms when they ingest the soil - forcing them deeper in the soil. A unique surfactant in the formulation holds it in the soil - showing a good persistence for 10-20 days

Active Ingredient: > 5% amino nitrogen, > organic sulphur

Rate: 20lt/ha in 250lt of water
Knapsack rate: 70-200ml in 2.5lt water
Pack treats: approx. 500m2 per

Using CasteClear:
  • Spray when worms are near the surface e.g. during spring and autumn
  • Use 200ml in 2.5lt of water in a pressure sprayer *DO NOT USE a watering can*
  • Repeat application following every 10-20 days using a lower rate of 70ml per 2.5lt water
  • Avoid spraying during drought or when the ground is frozen.
  • Organic based product - suitable for homeowners
  • Safe for newly established grass turf
  • Can be used all-year round on established turf

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