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Growise Multi Purpose Compost 56L

Growise Multi Purpose Compost 56L

£4.99 each
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  • Peat Reduced compost For Healthier Plants
  • GroWise is a peat reduced compost made from peat and composted green material. GroWise is an excellent all round compost suitable for a broad range of uses from sowing vegetable seeds, rooting cuttings, filling pots and using in hanging baskets and planters.
  • Growise multipurpose compostis made from the highest quality moss peat mixed with essential plant nutrients. The compost will ensure healthier plants that grow more vigorously. A wetting agent has also been added to the compost to ensure easier and even wetting up when watering. Growise can be used with both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Bag Size - 56 Litres
  • If you are outside our 25 mile radius please call for delivery

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