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We have everything you need to create a beautiful garden to relax and have fun in. Discover plenty of useful gardening equipment from Garners Garden Centre. We have a superb range of plants in store, whilst on the website you can find seeds, compost, quality compost, and much more from hanging baskets to planters and pots.

35cm Square Piazza Tall Planter Out of stock
from £21.99
from £3.99
Asparagus Gijnlim F1 Hybrid Out of stock
from £2.49
Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets Out of stock
from £3.99
Baby Bio Roota Out of stock
from £5.99
Bathgate Farm Manure Out of stock
from £3.99
Bathgate Seed & Cutting Compost
  • Save 33%
£5.99 from £3.99