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High Quality Garden Trolley / Wheelbarrow

High Quality Garden Trolley / Wheelbarrow

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Eliminate the need to carry garden products with the Multi-functional Garden Trolley!

This product can be used to move anything you wish around your garden, including logs, compost, water and gravel, much like a wheelbarrow would be used for. This is a fantastically long-lasting and lightweight garden trolley, which is made from weather resistant and UV protected materials.

Fed up of leaving your spade at the other side of the garden?

No longer have this happen as the garden trolley also allows you to move tools such as rakes and spades around the garden, because of its tool holder. This means that everything can be kept within easy reach, preventing garden tools being all over your garden.

Make gardening more enjoyable Stop going backwards and forwards using this handy garden trolley. Use the trolley to take water to your plants, rubbish to your bin or kitchen/garden waste to your compost heap.

As one of the most reputable and dependable garden trolley suppliers in UK we make sure our multi-functional dual garden trolleys are the perfect-suit for your garden, so your gardening becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Product dimensions (cm/inch): L: 60.0 / 23.6 W: 50.0 / 19.7 H: 87.0 / 34.2 Product Weight (Kg/Lbs): 2.5 / 5.5 Please contact us before placing order to Channel Islands as delivery costs are extra.

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