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Spear and Jackson Elements Angled Hoe

Spear and Jackson Elements Angled Hoe

£15.49 each

Elements Angled Hoe by Spear and Jackson is designed with angled head to make it easier to weed around plants and shrubs in smaller areas of your garden.The hoe features a hardened carbon steel head for strength and durability. The hoe head is also epoxy coated so it has improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil. The ash wood shaft is weather proofed with a clear lacquer for greater durability. The hoe also features a soft grip handle for user comfort to make weeding your garden much more enjoyable. It is part of the Elements Cultivating Range.

Elements collection by Spear and Jackson includes a range of cultivating and digging tools that suit will suit everyone. The range provides excellent value for money, quality tools that are easy and effective to use, are durable and look professional. The garden tools in this range are designed with a combination of a hardened carbon steel head and a lacquered ash wood handle that give the tools their strength and durability and their increased resistance to general wear and tear. The range also includes hand tools that are always becoming increasingly popular.

Spear and Jackson Digging Tools have ergonomic designs to provide comfortable and easy digging. Some of the digging tools have soft feel, non slip handles or forward tilting handles so a more upright position can be used or foot treads to help you to apply more force easily with less strain. They are manufactured so all tools are strengthened and have more durability and are treated to withstand general wear and tear.