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Garners Grabrake

Garners Grabrake

List price: £39.99  
£29.99 each
You save: £10.00 (25%)
  • Rake it, grab it, bin it!
  • Lightweight 21 tine plastic leaf rake for the lawn
  • Attached scoop picks up large amounts of garden debris as you rake
  • Compact size for reaching between those tight spaces
  • 137cm in length
  • Made in England
  • For more information view the following video:

This rake does a fantastic job at collecting the leaves and saves your back the pain and discomfort! No other grab rake works as well as this one, so grab yours today. (Pun intended)

 Muir on 18 December 

This is one of the best pieces of kit I have ever bought. It is so sensible, I am surprised that it is not being held in stock by all the major suppliers.


 Love it iangreenwood42 on 22 December 

Good idea grabs leaves well.


 Time saver hazelandjim on 26 November 

Help clear up leaves in a fraction of the time and saved a lot of bending and lifting Excellent


 Great tool Michele on 24 November 

Excellent tool for the garden I didnt expect it to work as well as it did Saves bending down picking up leaves after raked and its a lot quicker too Would highly recommend


 Terrific value ancient gardener on 20 October 

Very pleased with this My wife and self are elderly and I have bad knee arthritis This tool is not a gimmic and really does scoop up garden debris WE were at a garden centre at the weekend and it was on sale at exactly double your price Highly recommended


 Fab Grab Rake Pattucke on 2 October 2014

The very light weight grab rake is a wonderful garden tool It is a broad very light weight rake that is so easy to effortlessly gather up fallen leaves on the grass and in the borders which can be picked up without having to bend down I have now bought 3 One for myself then one for a Birthday present for my soninlaw and now one for a friend for Christmas


 The best rake in the world ever TraceyDunn on 30 July 

Bought one of these last winter and it halved the amount of time we spent bagging up leaves and hedge cuttings Just had to get one for my Dads birthday He loves it too and finally I am giving him gardening ideas


 great invention Nannybelle on 5 November 

The grabrake has transformed my leaf gathering. Avoids need to bend, avoiding backache so I can spend longer on the task. With 3 big trees dropping most of their leaves in my garden leaf clearing is a massive job and this has made the job much easier.


 great value a.mac on 15 November 

the grabrake does the job perfectly it also picks up pine needles


 Very handy Securitybollards on 30 September 

Good tool for the constant leafs in back garden and very easy to use my grabrake is in use most days and does the job effortless and quickly


 Feels well made Sandy49 on 30 November 

As the weather has been atrocious we haven't been able to use this yet but it looks and feels a tough little item.