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Felco No 4 Standard

Felco No 4 Standard

£61.95 each
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Felco Model No. 4 - Standard If you want a more basic bypass secateurs without the refinements but still want the famous Felco secateurs quality and cutting performance the Felco Model No. 4 secateurs is for you. The Felco Model No. 4 offers the same quality cutting blade as the Felco Model No. 2 secateurs. The blade adjustment is by the centre bolt and nut only. It has no rubber cushion shock absorber or locking segment and it is priced accordingly. This is basically a stripped-down Felco Model No. 2 without the all the extras meant for industrial or agricultural use.

Comfortable light sturdy handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee / blade and riveted anvil blade made of high quality hardened steel / clean precise cut / all parts can be replaced
Easy cutting adjustment / wire cutting notch / sap groove
Non slip coating

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