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Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Bow Saw

Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Bow Saw

£14.99 each
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Razorsharp Bow Saw by Spear and Jackson is designed to make cutting branches easy and less hard work. The Saw features hard point blade which has the benefits of staying sharp up to 5 times longer than untreated blades and its teeth are designed for fast and free cutting on forward and backward stokes providing quick and efficient pruning that requires less effort so pruning is more enjoyable. The bow saw also features a lever tension device for simple and easy blade changing. It is part of the Razorsharp Bow saws Range.

TheRazorsharp range by Spear and Jackson includes a range of innovative cutting tools that provide precise and easy cutting to make gardening much less hassle and much more enjoyable. The Razorsharp collection of tools includes secateurs, pruners, shears and loppers. These fantastic garden tools are excellently priced with a quality hierarchy where there is a variety of pruning and cutting tools to suit everyone's needs.

Spear and Jackson Saws are manufactured with quality blades so pruning is made easier and so that the blades last longer. The saw range includes a variety of sizes and styles to suit each individual gardener such as, folding, fixed and retractable saws as well as bow saws.